Metal Hunter/鋼のハンター

Finally finished watching <span lang="ja">鋼の錬金術師</span>/Hagane no Renkinjitsushi (Full Metal Alchemist) as well as <span lang="ja">ハンター X ハンター</span>/Hunter X Hunter.

Hunter X Hunter was very nice to watch, and you cannot help but being dragged in along with Gon and support him. But I found that the finale of the series left too much open ends. So what happens with Hisoka? He was constantly hinting how he would love to test his strength against both Killua and Gon when they 'ripened' some more. Also, Ging has been hiding in the forest on whale island all along? Because that is where Killua and Gon end up after using the 'Accompany' spell card. I wonder about this since you see Mito looking at the path they trace with 'Accompany' and she smiles as if she recognises it.

And what about Kurapica and the eyes of his tribe?

Leorio also got put to the background half way during the series and that for someone Gon met in the first or second episode!

Full Metal Alchemist was a bizarre series, but I liked almost every episode of it. Especially the ending where Edward ends up in post World War I Germany and Alphonse is restored to his 10 year old body. And here I was seeing Ed end up with either Roze or Winry. Very well drawn and a lots of jokes and emotions.