Avatar 3D, blurry vision

Went to see Avatar in 3D tonight. Typical story, but the animation was amazing. The 3D was also better than what has been out there. But darn, for the past 4 hours after exiting the theatre I have been having my vision still be in stereoscopic mode or something. I see everything beyond 1-2 meters as blurry, as if watching the movie without glasses. Hope a good night's rest will cure that.

The beauty song - 佳人曲

The movie 'House of Flying Daggers (<span lang="zh">十面埋伏</span>)' contains a song sung by Zhang Ziyi (<span lang="zh">章子怡</span>) called 'The Beauty Song (<span lang="zh">佳人曲</span>)':


Which translates to something like the following:

In the north there is a beauty: Surpassing the world, she stands alone.
A glance from her will overthrow a city; A second glance will overthrow the State.
Don't I know she can overthrow the city and the State?
But such a beauty cannot be found again!

This is a poem by the Han Dynasty poet Li Yannian (<span lang="zh">李延年</span>).