Coriolis winds blowing over Dune….

I reread Frank Herbert’s Dune recently. Things are so much clearer once you know more about Islam and the Qu’ran and some of the rituals there as well as Zen Buddhism and other topics such as Christianity and the Kaballah.
Magnificent book to be honest, he manages to drag you into the story and totally washes over you with a imaginary, yet possible future of mankind.

Dune Messiah is a most bizarre follow-up tale. Hard to describe what you read in those meager 200 pages, but they nonetheless make a tremendous impact. Amazing, just amazing.

The Butlerian Jihad was quite an interesting read by Brian Herbert, Frank’s son, to learn about the events that lead to the extermination of the thinking machines, the rise of the sorceresses, the Tleilaxu, Zensunnis and Zenshi’ites.

Now reading Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

2 thoughts on “Coriolis winds blowing over Dune….

  1. Da Vinci Code is way overrated. Too much crap happens too fast, the whole thing hinges on coincidences and all the characters are pulled out of the Great American Book of Exaggerated Stereotypes. Read Foucault’s Pendulum by Eco instead :)

  2. You are quite right there. It reads like the script for a new Hollywood movie. But at least it features some non-English! Oh, oh, and some European culture. Too bad we all have weirdos here and the stereotypes you already mentioned.

    I wonder if Dan Brown ever sat foot on European soil…

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