We collectively lost our marbles...

OK, my country has officially lost its marbles.

NL, as leader of the EU now, has given priority in the resolution queue to this proposal issued in April 2004 (see: http://www.statewatch.org/news/2004/apr/8958-04-dataret.pdf). On top of that they are also 'positively receptive'

Statewatch.org reported back in April the following legal analysis.

Best excerpts from that page:

  • "This is a proposal so intrusive that Ashcroft, Ridge and company can only dream about it, exceeding even the US Patriot Act"
  • It will put in place the compulsory retention of all communications traffic and location data - land and mobile telephones, faxes, e-mails, internet histories and any future communications technology.

Did you notice the any future communications technology part? Are you the type of person that signs a contract with any company which basically is a blanket contract where the company can change your contract at will without you having to sign it again to agree to it?

Are we now so collectively brainwashed about the prospect of an impending terror attack that we are willing to sacrifice our basic freedoms? What is next? Registration of religion and sexual preference? I know, let's start up the Schutzstaffel again!