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Nintendo DS and dd-wrt, revisited

In an earlier post I detailed how to get your Nintendo DS connected to a router with dd-wrt. One problem I had back then was that I could only make it work in 802.11b-only mode. The solution is to go to your dd-wrt page, select ‘Wireless’, then select ‘Advanced Settings’ and set ‘Basic Rate’ from ‘Default’ to ‘1-2 Mbps’. Now you can set ‘Wireless Network Mode’ under ‘Basic Settings’ to ‘Mixed’ instead of just ‘B-only’.

Nintendo DS Lite and DD-WRT

I bought a Nintendo DS Lite recently and wanted to try the WiFi funtionality for playing over the Internet.

I have a Linksys WRT54G with DD-WRT as firmware. After some messing around I found that I need to set it to B mode only (so not mixed), with 64 bits WEP. I also entered my SSID statically so that I can keep the broadcast disabled.

After this I was able to connect to my router. I then was able to playing Koi-koi (Hanafuda) over the Internet against some other human player. Quite nice and fast too!