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Bugzilla additional database support

I’ve been using Bugzilla for a while now for the TenDRA Project. I am quite happy with it. Right now I use it on a MySQL database, but everybody that really knows me knows I prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL because of the real database features it has.
To counter any knee-jerk reactions, no, MySQL is not bad, I am just used to features real databases provide (views, stored procedures, etc) and once you are used to that, MySQL feels, …, inadequate.

Bugzilla has, in the last year, been working hard on making the program database independent.

See the following URLs for developer details on progress:

Bugzilla PostgreSQL meta bug
Bugzilla Oracle meta bug
Bugzilla Sybase meta bug
Bugzilla Firebird meta bug

This is what I also emailed (the URLs that is) to the authors of IEEE’s Software magazine column about Open Source. They wrote that Bugzilla is not database independent, and while that is undisputable (aside from the ‘hackish’ port to PostgreSQL on the side, which I also worked on) there is significant work being done behind the scenes on making it database independent.

Words of Light

Over the last couple of days I have been busy updating a lot of support within DragonFly, think of firewire support, ATA/SATA, AC’97, bridges, PCI definitions, and so on.
Lovely stuff.

Now if only my AMD Athlon/Asus A7N8X box would boot. Something is wrong with the nexus attachment.

At the moment de-OSSGing my TenDRA sources. If you’re doing whitespace changes run md5 on the resulting object file before and after the changes. They should match.

chak de chak de chak de // Cast it off…
chak de saare gam // cast off every sorrow.
chak de chak de chak de // Cast it off…
tere sang hain hum // I’m by your side!

Chak de, from the Indian movie Hum Tum…

Beware of the fury of the patient man…

Some of these days just start whacked.

Manager asks me to overlook a CV of the guy who’s going to replace me. Sure, no problem. So I find the guy alright and now I have to help in interviewing him? Uhhh, this is funny. Not that usual in the Netherlands to do this…

Bored out of my mind, thankfully I can put the time to good use. Almost up to date on all episodes of Uzumaki Naruto.

Right now converting Amos’ script from elisp to Python. Going nicely thus far.

The weather makes me want to put on some Muse or likewise bands… Although I was listening to UK Punjabi remixes in the car on my way to work…

Butterflies on a Sea Wind

Some of those days are a mixture between the truly wonderful and truly weird.

Been actively sending in patches to other projects to support DragonFly natively. For projects using autoconf/config you need to bug the maintainers to update config.guess and config.sub so it detects DragonFly.

With TenDRA I am currently adding Amos’ -y flag, since it just makes sense to get rid of any hardwired stuff with regards to paths. Been looking at SuperH, ARM, and some other processors. Right now busy getting STLport working, of course, after I fix the -y flag and the building/* issues.

This is one of those days where you would put on Sigur Ros, The Counting Crows, Muse, or any other of those loveable melancholic bands…