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Macintoshes and PCs

I was pointing out to a friend of mine that for her new PC, or in this case a laptop to be more portable, she might actually consider a Macintosh. I think the Macintosh would, at least for her, mark an increase in productivity.

Instead of focusing on maintaining her computer she could actually spend the time working on her personal coaching business.

The only downside of the entire story is that a Macintosh laptop here would be about € 2000 whereas a similar Windows-based laptop would be about € 1000 – 1500. It is hard to justify such a difference in cost when she never really screws up her computer in the first place anyway. And yes, remarkably Windows is still running without much problems. So at the end of the day people like her will probably never turn to a Macintosh environment for a number of reasons:

  • they have to get adjusted to another operating system,
  • they do not encounter so many problems on Windows that warrants them to consider it a pain in the proverbial butt,
  • they already have established a workflow based on their current software,
  • they will look at their wallet and a € 500 – 1000 price difference is hard to justify (especially for those who are not crazy about computers for more than a tool for doing their work).

So I wonder what Apple will actually do to draw in more of the normal users instead of their largely elite-based userbase still. It’s hard to sell a Macintosh based on price alone and does the price difference account for the productivity gain, however small?