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Science Fiction and Space Battles

Something I never understand between various science fiction movies and series is the difference in how space battles are conducted. Take for example Star Trek, you see all kinds of ships in fights, but contrast this to Battlestar Galactica, Space: Above and Beyond or Star Wars and there’s one striking difference: the absence of fighter and bomber ships fighting alongside capital ships. In Star Trek you will see, for example, the Enterprise in direct battle with various other ships, but aside from some shuttles they have no fighter ships or otherwise. In Star Wars next to the Imperial Star Destroyers, Corellian Corvettes and Dreadnaughts, Mon Calamari cruisers, and Nebulon-B frigates you have a multitude of TIE fighters, TIE interceptors, TIE bombers, X-Wings, Y-Wings, A-Wings, B-Wings, and YT-1300 like the Millennium Falcon. Battlestar Galactica had its Vipers and other ships. I wonder what this, in my opinion, fundamental difference signifies and where it comes from.

Weird weathering days

Went to see the Fantastic Four on Saturday. A pretty good movie to be honest, very funny. Seeing Jessica Alba as Susan Richards (with appropriately dyed blonde hair) was actually enjoyable, of which I had my doubts before going to see it.

In other news, Mozilla/Firefox released Deer Park Alpha 2 is now released.

These are interesting tidbits from the release notes:

  • Faster browser navigation with improvements to back and forward button performance
  • Drag and drop reordering for browser tabs
  • Improvements to popup blocking

Been working on some ideas for my labs@tendra project. This will focus heavily on languages, especially Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and probably Hindi.

We’re going to the movies…

Something that always gets me kind of grouchy is the fact that so-called criticts of movies call a movie trash just because it doesn’t appeal to their ‘sophisticated’ level.

Hey pal, here’s something for you: I don’t care!

Some movies are just meant to be pure entertainment and if I want to see Alien versus Predator I will!
Not every movie has to be built upon an epos like The Lord of the Rings and subsequently worked out with due dilligence for a number of years. If every trance musician was a conservatorium graduated person I doubt the current club scene would look like it does right now.

I just don’t understand why something has to be ‘artistically innovative’ to be appreciated by the critics. Guess they’re just trying to uphold their own jobs by keeping up appearances (which is not unlike any other job niche, mind you).