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TortoiseHG and wildcard certificates

Having resolved recent SSL certificate issues with Mercurial/TortoiseHG, I now encountered a similar issue with the wildcard certificate for *.google.com where getting a clone would result in a "SSL: Server certificate verify failed" error.

One way around this issue is to add the fingerprint for this certificate to your configuration. Currently for *.google.com this is 00:d5:88:35:29:b9:7f:03:92:60:c2:04:e4:b7:01:f0:07:53:15:a8 and one way to get this from a Unix command line is with openssl s_client -connect code.google.com:443 < /dev/null 2> /dev/null | openssl x509 -in cert-code -fingerprint -noout -in /dev/stdin | tr "[:upper:]" "[:lower:]". This corresponds with Chrome’s certificate view’s thumbprint field, you just need to add colons.

Right click in Explorer, select TortoiseHG » Global Settings and then click Edit File and add the following:

code.google.com = 00:d5:88:35:29:b9:7f:03:92:60:c2:04:e4:b7:01:f0:07:53:15:a8

This should make Mercurial/TortoiseHG work, at least until the certificate expires and you need to update it with the latest fingerprint.

Google Groups and Sender header

Since a few days Google Groups mailing lists stopped having a Sender header. Aside from being a violation of RFC 5322 in that this is a SHOULD requirement for mailing lists it also breaks labels in Google Mail as well as procmail filtering. Add to that that moderation messages have strange subjects all of a sudden and I wonder which idiot has been messing around with the mail backend at Google without considering the broader implications.

Lightning 0.8 released

For those of you using Thunderbird and want a calendaring option inside of Thunderbird to communicate properly with people using Outlook or Lotus Notes that send you invitations for meetings and the like: Mozilla’s Lightning is now at version 0.8. Lightning is an add-on for Thunderbird based on Sunbird.

If you then also use the Provider for Google Calendar you can synchronise your Google Calendar with your Lightning setup.

urchinTracker() is not defined

I tried to use Google Analytics for the first time and encountered an error message I’ve seen before.

Firebug would report: urchinTracker() is not defined.

I just could not understand why I would get this error message.

Turns out to be simpler than I imagined.

  1. I was blocking urchin.js at googleanalytics.com using AdBlock (so for all of you people who blindly trust their results, they’re awfully skewed),
  2. the provided JavaScript from Google does not properly check if the urchinTracker() function is indeed defined prior to calling it. Suppose you have it blocked through AdBlock the urchin.js file won’t load, next you try to call the function, which isn’t declared in the namespace and thus triggers an error in the Firebug debugger.

One way around this was to use the code from http://www.buayacorp.com/archivos/google-analytics-urchintracker-is-not-defined/ and the problem should go away. It seems that the suggestion in this thread over at Google groups has already been incorporated with the current urchin.js file.