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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, constant UAC popups

So on a recent reinstall of my Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition in Steam I was confronted with a UAC (User Account Control) popup from Windows every single time I started it. Dark Souls used to use Games for Windows Live in the past. As some point it switched over to Steamworks. Unfortunately the installscript.vdf file was not adjusted to reflect this. It still tries to call the gfwlivesetup part of the setup because it never completes and the required registry key is missing. So because of this is falls into an infinite check, popup UAC cycle.

To fix this, open up the registry editor by running regedit, navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\Steam\Apps\211420, in the right pane right-click, select New » DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it gfwlivesetup. Double-click this newly created entry and enter 1 for the value. Exit the registry editor and start Dark Souls. You should not see the UAC popup anymore.

Steam indefinite update paused

So recently I had an issue with Steam where the Witcher 2 update got stuck at 99% and the status “Update Paused”. No matter what I tried with the pause/resume button, I couldn’t get it to budge from this status and actually update.

After a while I grabbed Process Explorer from the Microsoft website and checked the files that were being opened when I toggled this state. I noticed a reference to Steam\steamapps\downloading\20920\CookedPC\pack0.dzip. Then I also noticed a file reference to Steam\steamapp\logs\content.log. Upon checking that file I found a notice that it was trying to preallocate about 11 GB for this pack0.dzip. Checking my drive status, I saw that this particular drive letter only had about 9 GB left. Freeing up some space allowed the update process to actually start and finish, after which I got even more space back, since it seems Steam downloads these files and then replaces them, deleting the temporary one. So I guess the lesson learnt is that you should always have enough disk space free as the single largest file in any of your games.

Small touches that inspire

It’s the littlest of things that can really brighten my mood when I notice them. In this case I was watching Fallout: New Vegas’ DLC trailer for Honest Hearts. In the trailer you see the player with a pistol and on one side of the pistol at least is written: “καὶ ἡ σκοτία αὐτὸ οὐ κατέλαβεν”. This is Greek and refers to the second part of the verse of John 1:5 in the New Testament of the bible, meaning in English: “and the darkness did not comprehend it”. In my opinion a great way to bring enlightenment by the bullet.

Nintendo DS and dd-wrt, revisited

In an earlier post I detailed how to get your Nintendo DS connected to a router with dd-wrt. One problem I had back then was that I could only make it work in 802.11b-only mode. The solution is to go to your dd-wrt page, select ‘Wireless’, then select ‘Advanced Settings’ and set ‘Basic Rate’ from ‘Default’ to ‘1-2 Mbps’. Now you can set ‘Wireless Network Mode’ under ‘Basic Settings’ to ‘Mixed’ instead of just ‘B-only’.

Defense of the Ancients and Hamachi

So I tried to play Defense of the Ancients (DotA – a Warcraft 3 mod) over Hamachi with some people only to find out that I couldn’t see the LAN game in the lobby. If you have this issue, try to see if you can telnet to port 6112 of the hoster’s IP address. If that works, you’ll get disconnected after a few return presses, you need to check if all Warcraft 3 versions are all the same. This was the issue I was running in. I had missed the latest patch (1.21b to 1.22a) back in July 2008.

The cake is a lie

Some of you may have played Valve’s Portal game and remember the phrase that ‘[t]he cake is a lie’. Most of us most likely associated this with the fact you get incinerated at the end of the trials.

I think the meaning is twofold though. Remember the source code leak Valve experienced in 2003 of their Half Life 2 engine code base? It became clear during a trial in Germany in November 2006 that a group called ‘myg0t’ (a play on ‘mein Gott’?) was actually responsible for the source code leak. Now, apparently the myg0t group has some sort of initiation ritual where people have to (source: Wikipedia article on myg0t):

  1. bake a cake
  2. write “myg0t owns me” on it
  3. take a picture of the cake with your face (including party hat) next to it
  4. take a picture of you eating the cake and
  5. post the picture online in a gallery

Now, given that the Orange box came out in 2007, would it be overly strange if Valve was making a reference (with the cake is a lie quote) that the ‘cake initiation’ is just a lie for them (myg0t) to laugh at others who want to join? Personally I think it fits right into Valve’s alley.