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Setting up SublimeText 3 for Ansible

I love using Sublime Text 3 for Ansible work, especially after some minor tweaks. The packages I have installed are: Ansible syntax highlighting, ApplySyntax, Jinja2 syntax support, SublimeLinter, and SublimeLinter-pyyaml.

For ApplySyntax you want to change the user settings to contain something like the following below. It's based on the best practices for Ansible directory layout, but with one change, I prefer to have playbooks in their own subdirectory.

Revisiting Mercurial and file keyrings

In a previous post I talked about setting up an encrypted file based keyring store for Mercurial. With some recent updates of the Python keyring modules, the setup changed a little bit again. The file-backed keyrings got moved out to the keyrings.alt package. $HOME/.local/share/python_keyring/keyringrc.cfg needs to be adjusted as follows: [backend] default-keyring=keyrings.alt.file.EncryptedKeyring