Android Galaxy S2 Skin and AVD

What I did to get the Galaxy S2 skin to work with the Android Virtual Device (AVD) was:

  1. download the skin from the Samsung Developer website, it’s under the Add-on SDKs,
  2. extract to a Galaxy_S2 directory,
  3. put the entire directory in the [Android-SDK directory]/platforms/android-10/skins directory,
  4. edit the manifest.ini and change api=9 to api=10,
  5. restart AVD Manager,
  6. under skin in the device configuration you should see Galaxy_S2 in the dropdown.

3 thoughts on “Android Galaxy S2 Skin and AVD

  1. Hi,
    sorry for my ignorance,
    what is the “skin”?
    is it a precompiled kernel for that device? or is it a collection of objects that is just enough for the emulator?
    can i load kernel of a device like samsung S3 to the emulator?

  2. It’s only a template that makes the default emulator look like the phone it says it is. So for a Galaxy S2 it would look like the Galaxy S2 and all buttons and such would be in those places.

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