2008 will be a stellar year for Python

For the past few months there’s been a certain vibe building up. This vibe is coming from parts of the Python community. As it stands 2008 seems to become a very stellar year for Python.

Just after New Year TIOBE reported this:

Python has been declared as programming language of 2007. It was a close finish, but in the end Python appeared to have the largest increase in ratings in one year time (2.04%). There is no clear reason why Python made this huge jump in 2007. Last month Python surpassed Perl for the first time in history, which is an indication that Python has become the “de facto” glue language at system level. It is especially beloved by system administrators and build managers. Chances are high that Python’s star will rise further in 2008, thanks to the upcoming release of Python 3.

There are a lot of really interesting developments going on.  Some interesting developments in my opinion are (in no particular order): Babel, Bitten, Genshi, Trac, Werkzeug, WebOb.

An exciting year indeed.

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