Monthly Archives: January 2008

The cake is a lie

Some of you may have played Valve’s Portal game and remember the phrase that ‘[t]he cake is a lie’. Most of us most likely associated this with the fact you get incinerated at the end of the trials.

I think the meaning is twofold though. Remember the source code leak Valve experienced in 2003 of their Half Life 2 engine code base? It became clear during a trial in Germany in November 2006 that a group called ‘myg0t’ (a play on ‘mein Gott’?) was actually responsible for the source code leak. Now, apparently the myg0t group has some sort of initiation ritual where people have to (source: Wikipedia article on myg0t):

  1. bake a cake
  2. write “myg0t owns me” on it
  3. take a picture of the cake with your face (including party hat) next to it
  4. take a picture of you eating the cake and
  5. post the picture online in a gallery

Now, given that the Orange box came out in 2007, would it be overly strange if Valve was making a reference (with the cake is a lie quote) that the ‘cake initiation’ is just a lie for them (myg0t) to laugh at others who want to join? Personally I think it fits right into Valve’s alley.

MySQL to PostgreSQL

David Fetter informed me that he has some changes to a document I wrote back in 2005 about migration tips going from MySQL to PostgreSQL. As such I started to revamping the document, moving from DocBook 4.3 to 4.5 in the process. The result will be located at I hope to have his comments merged in in the remainder of the week. Feel free to send me updates after it got properly updated with David’s notes.