Monthly Archives: October 2007

Wah Nam Hong (華南行) in Rotterdam

Here in Rotterdam we have a Chinese supermarket called in Dutch phonetic Cantonese ‘Wah Nam Hong’, which in Jyutping (waa4 naam4 hong4) stands for the hanzi 華南行. Literally translated 華南 stands for South China and matches the obvious Cantonese heritage. The stands for a profession or business line.

What is interesting to me is that in Japanese (日本語) you read 華南 as かなん and it means South China as well. However, would be こう or ぎょう and has not retained the profession/business line meaning at all.

UCHAR and SByte

Recently I have to do a lot of C# programming. It’s a quite ok language to be honest. I need to wrap certain unsafe code in C# code. Some of this unsafe code uses the old type UCHAR, which is defined as an unsigned char type with a limit of 0 to 255, inclusive. Perusing some websites to look for some marshaling information I actually find people recommending using the sbyte data type for this. This datatype (sbyte, SByte or the full System.SByte) is a signed 8-bit integer type. This means it has a range of -128 to 127. This is also extensively documented in the sbyte C# reference. So I am left wondering how well these programmers actually do understand their data types.