FreeBSD Ports and the reorganization

Seems the FreeBSD Project has thawed the ports collection. For the past two weeks many ports people were working on a large reorganization in order to update the version of X in the ports to 7.2. This also meant that /usr/X11R6 as a path name would be dropped in favour of /usr/local.

In related news Stephen Montgomery-Smith was checking out the slowness of pkg_install and actually found it using a bubble sort which did not perform all that well for the particular case pkg_install is being used for nowadays. As he himself said:

For starters it uses a bubble sort. I can understand why they don’t want to use a quicksort, because they want to check complete integrety of comparison tree (i.e. that there are no internal loops), but I recall seeing an algorithm due perhaps to one of or both of Hopcroft and Tarjan that uses a depth first search, maybe 20 years ago, that should be much faster, and I think I could reproduce it.

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