AmanithVG test on FreeBSD

I recently had the pleasure to have Matteo Muratori of Mazatech s.r.l. ask me to test their OpenVG implementation called AmanithVG. On my FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE machine running X.Org 6.9 with NVIDIA binary drivers I proceeded to test their 1.0 candidate implementation. I had to install the graphics/libglut port to satisfy a dependency, but after that every thing worked quite well. The speed was quite impressive, especially given that my current work PC is not exactly state of the art.

The possibilities that it, and OpenVG, presents are impressive. It seems to be reasonably easy to create blurring filters that apply in real-time, overlapping images that allow colours to blend, zooming in and out of images, and so on. This opens a lot of possibilities for normal desktop environments as well, I think. If you look at what, say, Beryl is doing on the Unix desktops I think it can benefit from what OpenVG does. Of course, the real goal for OpenVG is more aimed at mobile phones or other handhelds, but I think we can easily look beyond just those platforms.

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