Fixing up the layout

As might be evident from the non-matching colours and all that, I am currently reworking the design to really become what I had in mind a while ago.

During all this I encountered a lovely problem with Internet Explorer and its support for PNG, namely that it is mucking around with the gamma setting, regardless of what the PNG specifies. (A even more detailed background is available in the form of Henri Sivonen’s excellent article on the matter.)

So right now I am stripping the gamma (gAMA) header from my PNGs in order to have it working across most browsers (it seems Safari 1.3 has issues with PNGs on a lot of fronts).
So in short: no matter what the Internet Explorer team fixes, they seem to screw up in other magnificent ways and this is what sets them so apart from, say, the Opera team. Instead of not taking blame the Opera team actively ask people to report problems back so that they can see if it is a real problem with their product.

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