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OpenOffice: keep trying

To break the news quickly: Open Office is nice, but no dice.

I have tried using it, ended up appreciating some features (native PDF, OpenDocument Format and type completion as you type for recurring words), but in the end it is just insanely frustrating to use on a daily basis.

Let me clarify I am by no means a commercial software fan, most of my work consists of open source related work (as many who know me by now should know), but the user experience that )s Open Office is like pulling nails at times.

Of course, these kind of comments probably get flames from the open source peanut gallery and personally I couldn’t give a flying hoot. It is all about user perception and ease of use and at the moment it still falls flat on its face in those departments.

Naruto’s 10th ending song lyrics

風が吹いて 痛い 消えない思い
何を持っていこうか 集めて一つ
二度とない 二度とない 捨てるなんて馬鹿みたい
無邪気になって イメージ
As the wind blows, these painful memories won’t disappear.
What were you thinking as you collected the old songs into one?
There is no second chance. There is no second chance. I know how foolish I look
The image of becoming innocent

This definitely isn’t over
This definitely isn’t over

愛の胸 焦がせ 線の夢 渡れ
縦横無尽 駆けて 手に掴む世界
雲がちぎれて 日がまた落ちて
ひとりのパレードが 動きだす
The flaming sight of my passion crossing a thousand dreams
passing over the inhuman beasts I seize the world in my hands
The clouds scatter, and the sun sets again.
This one-man parade starts to move

母権 基地術 審判 上昇 明暗 遭遇 生命 相愛
Adventure, Lucky Days, Trials, Climbing, Light and Darkness, Encounters, Life, Mutual Love

もしも言ってしまうなら あなたの髪を
嗅いで 吸って もっと 寄せ合う言葉
ワカラナイ ワカラナイ うわべだけじゃわからない
だからもっと深くしたい したい
愛の胸 焦がせ 千の夢 渡れ
縦横無尽 駆けて 巡り逢う奇跡
雲がちぎれて 日がまた落ちて
誰もが持っている ポケットに沈めた夜がある
そいつを灯すように 手を伸ばしては泳ぐ人
見つけられたならいい あなたの景色と同じもの
愛の胸 焦がせ 千の夢 渡れ
縦横無尽 駆けて 手に掴む世界
雲がちぎれて 日がまた落ちて
冒険 吉日 心拍 上昇 明暗 遭遇 生命 相愛