Following a discussion about MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicators) I redid the What kind of thinker are you quiz.

Instead of the old score of musical thinker I now wound up with:

Linguistic thinkers:

  • Tend to think in words, and like to use language to express complex ideas.
  • Are sensitive to the sounds and rhythms of words as well as their meanings.

Other Linguistic Thinkers include
William Shakespeare, Sylvia Plath, Anne Frank

Careers which suit Linguistic thinkers include
Journalist, Librarian, Salesperson, Proof-reader, Translator, Poet, Lyricist


Existential thinkers:

  • Like to spend time thinking about philosophical issues such as “What is the meaning of life?”
  • Try to see beyond the ‘here and now’, and understand deeper meanings
  • consider moral and ethical implications of problems as well as practical solutions

Other Existential Thinkers include
The Buddha, Gandhi, Plato, Socrates, Martin Luther King

Careers which suit Existential Thinkers include
Philosopher, Religious leader, Head of state, Artist, Writer

One thought on “Thinking…

  1. Interpersonal thinkers:

    • Like to think about other people, and try to understand them
    • Recognise differences between individuals and appreciate that different people have different perspectives
    • Make an effort to cultivate effective relationships with family, friends and colleagues

    Like interpersonal thinkers, Leonardo had lots of friends and contacts, and was a popular figure at the Italian court.

    Other Interpersonal thinkers:

    • Winston Churchill
    • Mother Teresa
    • William Shakespeare

    Careers which suit Interpersonal thinkers include:

    • Politician
    • Psychologist
    • Nurse
    • Counsellor
    • Teacher

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