Bugzilla additional database support

I’ve been using Bugzilla for a while now for the TenDRA Project. I am quite happy with it. Right now I use it on a MySQL database, but everybody that really knows me knows I prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL because of the real database features it has.
To counter any knee-jerk reactions, no, MySQL is not bad, I am just used to features real databases provide (views, stored procedures, etc) and once you are used to that, MySQL feels, …, inadequate.

Bugzilla has, in the last year, been working hard on making the program database independent.

See the following URLs for developer details on progress:

Bugzilla PostgreSQL meta bug
Bugzilla Oracle meta bug
Bugzilla Sybase meta bug
Bugzilla Firebird meta bug

This is what I also emailed (the URLs that is) to the authors of IEEE’s Software magazine column about Open Source. They wrote that Bugzilla is not database independent, and while that is undisputable (aside from the ‘hackish’ port to PostgreSQL on the side, which I also worked on) there is significant work being done behind the scenes on making it database independent.

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