Adware/spyware, Windows, blegh

After having spent about 3-4 hours last night fixing up my sweetie’s PC through a VNC session I must say that Windows by itself must be one of the least desirable operating systems to keep developing for.

Aside from its braindead APIs (I am even doing driver writing, so hush) it is basically inviting malicious people to abuse a given PC. Install with terminal services on by default, refusing to allow the user to throw away files the OS designates as ‘important to the operating system’. Sure, and which files do you think a trojan or virus will target first? Not to mention having old style (on Windows 95/98/ME installs) win.ini and such files parsed for LOAD= lines. How on earth are users even supposed to know what to look for in the registry?

Furthermore, I am getting SO pissed off by software developers that think bundling ad-ware with their software is their ticket to revenue. We should, collectively, boycot such developers. I mean, if I can develop open source software and not get ANY revenue from it, why are they being so focused on putting ad stuff in? Heck, it’s a prime attack vector for machine hijacking (and we all as the world collectively wondering why the Internet might melt down).

Basically from a operating system developer as well as an application developer I can only conclude more and more how Windows and most of its software are flawed by design. And unless this attitude changes, and I am not talking about DRM or anything, I foresee Windows killing itself.

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