Monthly Archives: December 2004

Why do people risk their lives for others?

From Uzumaki Naruto (うずまきナルト):

Uzumaki Naruto: “Iruka-sensei (うみのイルカ), why do people risk their lives for others?”

Iruka-sensei: “When someone dies, they disappear. Their past and present, along with their future. A lot of people die on missions and in wars, surprisingly quickly and easily. Hayate (月光ハヤテ) was one of them. The one who dies has his own dreams, but there are people who are treasured like those dreams. Parents, siblings, friends, and lovers, people who are important… They all believe in and help each other. People who were there since birth took care of them… And those bonds grow even stronger as time passes. It’s not just a saying. It will be so for the ones who are connected, because it is precious.”

Like a dove, like an angel

Like a dove, like an angel,
slipping past the fingers trying to contain
choosing the wide expanse
the clear bright sky
what will it bring, will it be better,
will it be worse, can it be worse
with the freedom gained?
How does one endure a prison of glass,
yet a prison all the same
bow one’s head and try to play the part
or defiantly break away from that which is expected
and find your own path?
Is in our nature to heed the wishes of those above
do we let ourselves be bewitched by the charisma
of the ones that spin a wheel before your eyes
yet how gullible we’ve become
that we in the end do obey…

Yes, free thought, you’re like an angel, like a dove…

On a lighter note

Sometimes you meet these people who just amaze you in all they do. That make you constantly smile and you make them smile in return. They show you that happiness lies in the smallest things.

Reminiscent of an angel, taking a dip in the azure blue ocean, washing her hair and then opening her eyes to stare you full in the face…

…and then smiles.

You know who you are. ;)

X can suck hard at times

And to the question why people still use Windows try setting up your X environment to properly support MathML with Firefox.

Truly, using new fonts within X is a black art still reminiscent of dark and medieval times when we did not know better. I thought we would have progressed that stage by now.

From a user perspective Windows definitely wins hands down in this, drag a file to a Fonts folder, done.
No, X wants us to use crazy incantations of mkfontdir, mkfontscale, fc-cache, ttmkfdir, xset with various fp options and hope xlsfonts shows the font you are after.

Users do NOT want to be bothered with foundries, weights, encoding types, and what not. They just want to add a font, select it in their favourite application and go: “owww, pretty!”

Is that, anno 2004, too much to ask?