Admirable qualities…

Imagine you have children, imagine them going off into hostile territory, imagine them getting murdered brutally. How would you react?

It happened with 24 years old Shosei Koda, from Japan. He went backpacking through Iraq during times when kidnappings and murders are raging all around.

His body has been found this weekend, beheaded.

Yet his direct family reacts as follows:

‘The family of Shosei Koda of Nogata (直方市), Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県), who was beheaded by his captors in Iraq, expressed gratitude Sunday for public support and apologized for causing trouble over the hostage crisis, Nogata city officials said in a news conference.

Koda’s brother Maki, 26, told Nogata city officials, “We feel strong gratitude for those who supported us, while we also feel sorry for causing trouble. Despite the outcome, we wish that the Iraqi people would have peace as soon as possible.” Immediately after the family received the news by telephone from the Foreign Ministry around 9:20 a.m., Koda’s father Masumi, 54, was extremely devastated and unable to speak, the officials said.’

Admirable, just admirable. Your son has just been murdered, yet you can find the words to apologise for causing trouble bringing it to the media and you wish for peace for the people in the country your son was murdered in. Absolutely admirable. Pardon the gross generalisation, but I truly wish to see fervent Christians or Muslims make such a statement after one of their children was murdered in a country in turmoil.

Perfect attainment of buddha nature, if you ask me.

Though the many beings are numberless,
I vow to save them.
Though greed, hatred, and ignorance rise endlessly,
I vow to cut them off.
Though the Dharma is vast and fathomless,
I vow to understand it.
Though Buddha’s Way is beyond attainment,
I vow to embody it fully.

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