We’re going to the movies…

Something that always gets me kind of grouchy is the fact that so-called criticts of movies call a movie trash just because it doesn’t appeal to their ‘sophisticated’ level.

Hey pal, here’s something for you: I don’t care!

Some movies are just meant to be pure entertainment and if I want to see Alien versus Predator I will!
Not every movie has to be built upon an epos like The Lord of the Rings and subsequently worked out with due dilligence for a number of years. If every trance musician was a conservatorium graduated person I doubt the current club scene would look like it does right now.

I just don’t understand why something has to be ‘artistically innovative’ to be appreciated by the critics. Guess they’re just trying to uphold their own jobs by keeping up appearances (which is not unlike any other job niche, mind you).

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