Thank you

As I put on my poems page:

Thank you,
mom and dad,
for putting me on this world, hard as it was…
Thank you,
all the loving people in my life,
for you have guided me in my first steps…
Thank you,
all the people in the early stages of my life,
for showing me how the apparent strong have to pick on the seemingly weak…
Thank you,
all the people in the school-going phase of my life,
for being enemies, even though I had no idea of any crime committed…
Thank you,
all the people in my working experience,
for showing how simple values seemingly have to make way for money and power…
Thank you,
dearest of friends,
whom I consider my refuge and guardian angels when I need to exhale…
Thank you,
for being the ever-present pool of water in which to reflect…
Thank you,
for the realisation that I am but a small part of a bigger thing…
Thank you,
race of Buddhas,
for showing me the Eightfold Path,
the Four Noble Truths,
and the miracle of compassion and ‘the blowing out’ of the ego…
Namu Amida butsu…

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