Words of Light

Over the last couple of days I have been busy updating a lot of support within DragonFly, think of firewire support, ATA/SATA, AC’97, bridges, PCI definitions, and so on.
Lovely stuff.

Now if only my AMD Athlon/Asus A7N8X box would boot. Something is wrong with the nexus attachment.

At the moment de-OSSGing my TenDRA sources. If you’re doing whitespace changes run md5 on the resulting object file before and after the changes. They should match.

chak de chak de chak de // Cast it off…
chak de saare gam // cast off every sorrow.
chak de chak de chak de // Cast it off…
tere sang hain hum // I’m by your side!

Chak de, from the Indian movie Hum Tum…

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