Focus on your one purpose…

There are times when I seriously wonder about life and mankind, well, even moreso than I normally do.

Have I been thoroughly blessed by being reborn into my current life, my balance of karma weighing heavy in the positive side thus allowing me to be and become who I am today?

Why has my life been relatively non-complicated or drastic compared to the stories other people entrust in me? Why do they divulge this kind of information to me in the first place. All, in supreme confidence and faith, is being related to me. In itself not bad, but why is this gift, which some may indeed call curse, of profound empathy, understanding, caring, and healing so predominantly present in me?

Why do I see the endless possibilities still, when the people themselves have given up finding any new and possible ways to deal with their situation?
Why is their vision so bleak and worn down and do I still see the sun casting its last rays on a setting summer day, whilst they are already deep within the darkest hours or night?

What is it with me that I look beyond the person as they appear in front of me and see their radiant shining self, still lurking deep within themselves, as a flower bud, still waiting to bloom?

I do not mind, I love helping people. But sometimes the healer in me has a hard time keeping faith in the world around him, it feels so out of place, out of sync. As if you were plucked from another realm of time or space and planted into present day Terra.

Ah well, may I at least have left a warm hand print upon the heart and soul of those I encountered, made their bleak day a bit warmer and more colourful. Give love where little was…

Namu Amida butsu…

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