Butterflies & Hurricanes

Well, thankfully it is a weekend again. I find I need more and more time to get back on energetic levels. Guess getting up every morning at 06:30 is asking a bit too much of my body. Darn that glandular fever (Pfeiffer) that I once suffered from. It never leaves your body.

Oh well, at least the good news is that I found out the appartment I was interested in, about two-three weeks ago, in Schiedam is now available again. Guess the financial stuff didn’t work out for the people who intended to buy it. Going to see it on monday. Yay!

Bought a bunch of books, amongst which: Classics of Buddhism and Zen – Volume One, Linkers and Loaders, Optimizing Compilers for Modern Architectures, Engineering a Compiler, C.S. Lewis’ first two Narnia books (The Magician’s Nephew and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe), Frank Herbert’s Dune (wanted to reread it again), Oliver Twist, Moby Dick, Poe’s Spirits of the Dead, Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men and Dude Where’s my Country?, and Asimov’s I, Robot and Caves of Steel.

Been coding a lot lately. Expanded the r9 bot with some modules for RDF fetching, bugzilla bug fetching. Next is notifications.

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