src.conf on FreeBSD 7 for the average installation

If we consider common available technology and the average use of a FreeBSD installation as desktop or server then I think these are sensible defaults for /etc/src.conf under FreeBSD 7.


How many of you run ATM to your FreeBSD box?


Do you really need a full installation of BIND on your machine? In most cases you simply need a caching, recursive resolver. For this just install unbound (found in ports/dns/unbound). Do note that I did not specify WITHOUT_BIND_UTILS so tools like dig and nslookup will still be installed. Only if you need an authoratative nameserver might you want BIND. On the other hand, you might prefer to install NSD (ports/dns/nsd).


Most systems will probably not use Bluetooth at all.


Do you even use ISDN?


Most people I know use either ipfw or pf, so little need for ipf.


You seriously still use IPX? Even NetWare is IP-native nowadays.


I would hope most systems are using some sort of LDAP lookup nowadays. NIS seriously doesn’t scale.


Given the ease of configuring Postfix, why would one want to bother with the archaic syntax of Sendmail? It has served faithfully for many, many years, but its design and configuration are archaic.

25-year old readdir() bug fixed

Marc Balmer (of the OpenBSD Project) investigated reports of weird filesystem behaviour and found a 25-year old bug in the BSD libc implementation of readdir().

The fix should be in the trunk of all BSDs now and scheduled for merges or backports soon (e.g. see revision 1.15′s diff).