Internet Explorer

I am getting so tired of the Internet Explorer shows it perfectly, but it fails with browser X or Y rhetoric.

Once and for all people: the Internet has standards. That Microsoft choses not to play nice with this is not the fault of the people developing sites that do play nice with standards.

Instead, bother Microsoft to fix their browser’s dumb behaviour.

Open format?

So, Microsoft intends to submit its Office 12 file formats to ECMA as a proposed standard.

I took a look at the files and they’re in binary format. I thought that for most office applications, especially word processing, we were leaving behind the world of binary encoded formats and moving to XML?

Given the fact how the world is massing behind the Open Document initiative this move of Microsoft’s seems to be nothing but PR and marketing. Especially given how the OASIS Open consortium and the Open Document community have now pushed this forward to become an ISO standard.


Finally have a working PHP again after the PHP folks totally screwed over PHP 4.4.1′s apache2handler. Thankfully the FreeBSD port reverted this piece of code.

And I will migrate my PHP stuff to Django and such frameworks in the future. PHP’s braindead decisions by its developers has annoyed me a bit too much by now.